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We are involved more recently with underwater search and survey. HARPY now has sidescan sonar (triple frequency and low frequency sets), a magnetometer and an ROV capable of diving to 500'. Of course there has always been scuba and diving - most recently on the Lusitania and UC-42 wrecks. If you want to hear of outings or events in these areas, then join this list.
Event(s) Notification
   Join the "EVENTS NOTIFICATION" mailing list and be notified of fortcoming events in Kinsale, general news and fishing news.
Seats Available
  Use the "SEATS AVAILABLE" list to be notified well in advance of dates when individual seat(s) are available aboard HARPY. Normally we open up the boat to individual seats as soon as we get 4 seats confirmed for a given date. These seats are for both half-day and full-day charters. Hopefully this will make it very easy for you to get out on the water.   Get a head start when you book your seats.  Now there is no need to miss the boat!