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Deep Sea Angling


What fishing experiece is needed?

None! No fishing experience is required. We welcome the chance to give a start to beginners to this great sport. We are happy too to instruct beginners any time - just ask.

Departure and Return times?

Though we do have ad-hoc times occasionally, our normal departure times are as follows:-

  • Morning Trips: leave at 09:30 and return at 13:00
  • Afternoon Trips: leave at 14:00 and return at 17:30
  • Evening Trips: leave at 18:00 and return 20:30.

Is tackle and bait included in the price?

Rod hire is included in the price. A set of tackle is also included in the price. However, we use mackerel for bait and this has to be caught as early as possible in the trip and as such is not included in the price.

What should we bring?

It is advisable to bring Sunblock. Medication, if any. Warm clothing - check the weather forecast. Plastic bags are great to take home your catch.

Can we keep the fish we catch?

Certainly. However we ask that you return alive to the sea any fish that will not be eaten. Please ask the skipper to show you how to handle live fish and how best to return them if you do not already know how.

Where do we meet the boat?

The boat(s) leave the slipway on the main Pier in Kinsale (beside the harbour masters office, or in front of the Trident Hotel). Please see the KINSALE MAP elsewhere in the RESOURCES menu.

When does the boat leave?

The boat(s) leave at the following times unless otherwise agreed:-

  • Full Day Trip: Leave at 09:30am and return between 17:00 and 17:30
  • Morning Trip: Leave at 09:30am and return for 13:00
  • Afternoon Trip: Leave at 14:00 and return at 17:30
  • Ad-hoc trips: Specialist trips can be arranged to suit also. Please contact us with your requirements.

What clothing should I wear?

Please get the forecast before arrival and dress accordingly. Spray can wet the decks so don't bring your best dancing shoes. Same goes for clothes too probably. There are lifejackets aboard the boat in case of emergency.

Why contact Kinsale Angling before buying Single Seats online?

 We cannot, for example, go to sea with 1 angler and make a profit. We need at least 4 or 5 seats just to break even. So before we can confirm a trip we need to confirm minimum seats. We keep a list of anglers who request single (or more) seats and when we hit a certain number we confirm a SEATS AVAILABLE trip and email all interested parties with the news. It is a bit complicated BUT it works. Remember patience may be a virtue for some- but for anglers it is a necessity!

I have a gift voucher - when can I go?

   Gift vouchers are valid for 5 years - and we won't argue over a month or two extra.

   If you have a voucher for a full charter then first check the boat diary, , for availability and if your required date is free then simply send us an email (including details of the voucher number) to confirm your date. 

   If your voucher is for a single seat SEAT then please check the boat diary and contact us. We cannot obviously go to sea with only 1 seat but we try as much as possible to get a date that will suit. We also set aside SEATS-AVAILABLE dates that you can join - You will be regularly emailed details of these by joining our mailing list at:-

The Weather?

Please check the forecast the day before your trip. If unsure, please phone the skipper. The boat will NOT go to sea if the skipper considers the weather unsafe. All deposits are refunded in such cases.

Do you supply rainwear?

NO. Although we have a very limited amount of rainwear, we ask you to bring light rain gear in case of rain.

How many people can the boat hold?

HARPY easily takes 12 anglers - the island wheelhouse allows use of most of her 43' length on both sides.

When is the Shark Fishing season?

Normally June to Sempember inclusive. Extended warm weather helps this fishing.


Tea and coffee is served aboard at the skipper's discression. Please being your own food as required. Rolls and hot food can be purchased at the TEXACO garage in Kinsale and many other outlets in the town.

Drink on board?

Drinking of alcohol aboard is NOT ALLOWED when the boat is operating on a SEATS basis, (i.e. not full charter).

Drinking of alcohol aboard IS ALLOWED ONLY IN THE CASE OF FULL CHARTERS -  however the boat will return to Kinsale immediately if persons aboard are deemed to be drunk. Also, we would ask that you take home your empty bottles and beer cans.


Please, please take home everything that you brought aboard. This includes all rubbish, papers, drink cans, etc. Thanks for helping out with this in particular.

Sea sickness!

Prevention is better than cure. Chemists supply a wide range of sea-sickness prevention tablets. However be aware then many of these treatments need to be taken SOME HOURS BEFORE going to sea. If you have any concerns please contact the skipper.


Sufficient lifejackets for ALL passengers and crew are stowed aboard. A liftraft is stowed on the cabin roof and will automatically deploy. Flares, handheld radios, first-aid kits and other safety equipment is stowed aboard. The skipper will give a brief demo of safery procedures and equipment before going to sea. If you have any concerns please contact the skipper.

Insurance and Licenses

The boat is fully insured and has a P5 license from the Department of the Marine to operate up to 30nm offshore. A copy of the blicense is displayed on the boat. The skipper too is fully licensed.