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Hydrographic Survey/Search

Sea Lion ROV

We have an array of search and survey tools at the ready for deployment from Kinsale that include sidescan sonars, sector-scanning sonars, rovs and magnetomers.We can also supply other specialist equipment through parters we work alongside.


We have operated Phantom II wrovs, and JW Fisher rovs. We operate MarineSonic, Klein, Tritech,  Wesmar and Yellowfin sidescan and sector-scan sonars. We have many years background working with unix-based and windows-based survey software suites. And it helps our fishing too :) 


TV production companies such as the National Geographic channel have used our services.  We have assisted waterworks with County Councils - underwater outlets from treatment plants, etc.,. Wreck surveying was also carried out for investors and entrepreneurs.


We offer a unique mix of maritime experience combined with software and hardware operations and a flexiblity over a range of platforms. We have worked commercially on the wrecks of the LUSITANIA off the Kinsale coast and that of the PEGU further to the west.


We have a great new offer to take those interested in our maritime heritage! See for yourself the wreck of u-boat UC-42. See also the remains of the gun-running AUD. No scuba gear, no getting wet. See the broad picture from the side scan sonar. Then see the wreck when we launch the ROV. It will be a day to remember. Interested? Contact us!


HARPYs survey and search equipment at the ready.


In immediate readiness for loading onto HARPY are two sidescan sonars - from low frequency to very high frequency. Also we have a magnetomerer to locate ferrous metals and an ROV capable of working in 500'. If more capability is required then this can be supplied - contact us!


For survey & charting we have ready our ODOM multibeam sonar good to 100m range and its ancillary equipment including Digibar SVPs and Hemisphere GPS-Compass, Teledyne DMS-05 MRU. We are dealers for Teledyne PDS2000 software. Please call us if you need a quote.


Below is a video of a find by us in Kinsale harbour - an as-yet-to-be-dated anchor, 13' long. There are more videos of this in our Videos section.