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Our Other Services

The MMO Association


MMO (Marine Mammal Observer) Services:

    As accredited Marine Mammal Observers we supply MMO services to contractors on an as-required basis. Please contact us with your requirements.



Drone Operations:Drone capture of Technical Divers over RMS LUSITANIA, 17/Aug/2023

    We are Irish Aviation Authority qualified drone operators and we specialize in coastal projects, yacht racing photography, Lidar surveys, etc.,.



SAR (Search and Recover) Operations:

    Equipment lost off ships can be very expensive to replace. We have at the ready side-scanning sonars, magnetometers and ROVs that may well be the solution to recover lost items. Typically our max operating sonar and ROV search depths is120 metres.




   We are official Kinsale Port Pilots and provide pilotage services to ships and large vessels on request (through the office of the Kinsale Harbour Master please).

Cargo ship ANMI arriving Kinsale with 3500 tons of agricultural barley, Christmas eve, 2023.